Building Material

Building Material Lab

Construction Material Laboratory is one of the laboratories in the Civil Engineering Department, University of Raparin -Raniyah. This Laboratory is used by the First year students for the subject of Construction Material-Practical Part. In addition, academic staffs, and researchers carry out their works in this Laboratory. Furthermore, Construction Material Laboratory participates with the Engineering Consulting Centre works. The tests that can be conducted in this laboratory are: A-Brick

1-Dimension and shape

2-Water absorption


4-Compression strength


1-Dimension and shape

2-Water absorption

3-Compression strength

C-Building Stone

1-Bulk Density

2-Water absorption

3-Compression strength

4-Specific Gravity

D- Gypsum


2-Normal Consistency

3-Setting Time

4-Compression Strength


1-Total water absorption


F-Concrete Pavement brick (Biharton)


2-Water adsorption

3-Compression Strength