Fluid Mechanics Laboratory: The fluid mechanics laboratory can be performed to support the theoretical information that taught in the fluid mechanics lectures,This lab introduces students practical knowledge of behaviour and propertise of fluids which they are earlier studied by using mathematical equations. It involves study of various properties of the fluid, such as velocity, pressure, density viscosity and temperature, as functions of space and time.
Fluid mechanics is the branch of physics which deals with the properties of fluids (liquids and gases). The following experiments are require for the fluid laboratory lectures .
2-Dead weight pressure
3-Lifting force
4-Fluid flow rate
5-Center of pressure
6- Venturimeter
7-Losses in piping System
8-Friction loss along a pipe
9-Impact of Jet
10-Rynold's number.
Lab Manager: Andaz M. Rasul, BSc. in Geotechnical Engineering.