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Engineering Drawing Lab

The engineering Drawing lab helps and guides the students to learn how the technical drawings can be drawn in different methods. And it introduces the students to a specific language of engineers which it is a graphical language. It is universally accepted and used by engineers to develop and record their ideas and express them to others for execution.

The Engineering Drawing lab will help the students in many ways from drawing images, describing the shape, size, and color and finally constructing any engineering object.

It teaches them some different skills such as ability to read and prepare engineering drawings, ability to make free - hand sketching of objects, Power to imagine, analyses and communicate, and capacity to understand

other subjects.

The available Instruments:

  • 23 Drawing Boards with 25 specific chairs.

The following topics are taught in the Lab :

  1. Introductions and Instruments for engineering drawing.
  2. Lining and Lettering.
  3. Geometrical construction drawings.
  4. Orthographic Projection, Dimensions and Scales.
  5. Descriptive geometry and theory of projection.
  6. Multi view drawings.
  7. Isometric Sectional views.
  8. Free - hand sketching of objects.
  9. True Length and Shapes, Projection for Bodies.

Teaching staff


  • Araz A. Hamza / MSc. In Civil engineering
  • Avan Ahmed / MSc. In Civil engineering


  • Mohamed kh. Hama Amin
  • Shajwan P. Rasull
  • Kaifi F. Braim
  • Payam M. Abdulla
  • Srwa A. Hamad
  • Sivar M. Abdulla